Aldi Deals from 3/28-4/3

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I was looking through the Aldi’s ad & noticed a few really great deals this week!

Aldi’s doesn’t always have the best prices on many things when you can shop at other stores using coupons.  Aldi’s does not take coupons.

However, there are a few things that are always awesome deals! Things like milk, eggs, cheese, produce, & meat. I usually don’t shop at more than one store, but if I add an extra then Aldi’s is a great one to round out your shopping list.

If you’re new to Aldi’s read my article here  – 6 Ways To Save Money at Aldi’s

Here are the best deals at Aldi’s this week:

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  1. Harriet Roth Hausbach via Facebook says:

    Crosscut Shredders & Laminators are $19.99 . .saw them yesterday, great deals!

  2. I know! Love that deal – I bought the laminator a couple of years ago when it was on sale & it works great.

  3. Harriet Roth Hausbach via Facebook says:

    I wanted to get the laminator, but,want to know. can use laminator pockets from other brands ( Walmart, Target, etc ), right? It doesn’t say on the b

  4. Harriet Roth Hausbach via Facebook says:

    * on the box

  5. Yep you should be able to use any standard sized laminator pockets:)

  6. Jennifer M says:

    I am hoping to get some good deals on those fruits tomorrow or saturday (rather tomorrow before they start running out!)

    I’m kinda iffy on a laminator. Our carpet cleaner from there didn’t fare so well. It cleaned well, but the resevore broke and it leaks when you run it. Kinda defeats the purpose.

  7. Jennifer Valley via Facebook says:

    And Wal-Mart and Target will price match these!

  8. Sarah Smith via Facebook says:

    Got strawberries there for .49 a pack last week. They weren’t as sweet as the ones at Publix, but my kiddos didn’t care!

  9. Mine wouldn’t either. We use them for smoothies too and when you add bananas it’s sweet enough.